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Explore information on TMS, which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, therapy for the treatment of depression and other mood disorders.

How Long Do The Effects of TMS Last?

How Long Do The Effects of TMS Last? How Long Do The Effects of TMS Last?

TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, has been making massive waves in the mental health care field. Patients are finally finding resolve and relief from depressive symptoms that have plagued them for years. This is leaving practitioners and patients optimistic and wondering just how long these effects of TMS will last? How Long Do The Effects […]

Can TMS Treat Bipolar Disorder?

Can TMS Treat Bipolar Disorder? Treat Bipolar Disorder

With the efficacy of transcranial magnetic stimulation on depressed individuals becoming known, a new question has been sparked — can TMS treat bipolar disorder? If a depressive state is also part of bipolar disorder, can one see improvements in that area as well? Some cases have reported that this may in fact be the case. […]

TMS vs Antidepressants

TMS vs Antidepressants TMS vs Antidepressants

We live in an age of seemingly infinite information. If you suffer from depression you might question which treatment will work best for you. As depression rates continue to soar, many are oscillating between different forms of treatments (including both TMS and antidepressants). One size does not in fact fit all when it comes to […]

TMS overview

TMS overview TMS overview

For anyone searching for an alternative treatment to depression, transcranial magnetic stimulation may just be the solution. Although fairly new to the mental health field, this treatment is continuously proving to be successful and life-changing for many suffering from the debilitating effects of depression. In order to acquire a deeper understanding, here’s a TMS overview. […]